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Stairs and Halls

As high traffic areas, staircases and hallways are the perfect showplace for decorative treatments of the walls or the stairs themselves. Durable techniques are employed to maximize the painting's lifespan. From elaborate trompe l'oeil (trick of the eye) murals to stamped patterns to calligraphic quotes, Hannon Art Works will create an area that will "elevate" you and your home.

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Italian Landscape Foyer and Staircase

This classic scene ascends a staircase and is viewed on the main level
from the kitchen, towards the front door.
East Greenwich, Rhode Island
September 2008

Heritage Hall

Venetian plaster, burnished to a high polish, and trompe l'oeil
painted tufted walls are the basis for painted mementoes and decoupage
vintage-styled photos. A perfect way to live with one's family history.
Narragansett, Rhode Island
May 2008

Children's Silhouettes

The perfect addition to a difficult-to-decorate space at the top landing
of a staircase. Exact likenesses of the children's profiles were captured
and then placed into a day at the beach. Taking only two days to
complete, this is an affordable, high impact design solution.
Warwick, Rhode Island
June 2007

Water Lilies and Bonsai Wisteria

A beautifully designed staircase was further enhanced
with coordinating murals. The aged patina pot with a bonsai
wisteria tree is placed on a painted faux marble wall.
East Greenwich, Rhode Island
April 2005

Staircase Quote

"In a bowl to sea went wise men three on a brilliant night in June.
They carried a net and their hearts were set on fishing up the moon."
                                                       —Thomas Love Peacock
Falmouth, Massachusetts
October 2006

The Narragansett Towers Entryway

A popular request, this landmark was painted
onto the entryway staircase of this home.
Wakefield, Rhode Island
February 2006

Historical Floor Marbling

In this 1805 home only a turkey feather and a rag were used on the plain gray
floor to create a historically accurate reproduction of the original surface.
Christine was honored when the home was granted the 2006 RI State
Preservation Award for an outstanding commitment to historic preservation.
Glocester, Rhode Island
June 2005

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