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An interesting and professional storefront or office is a great way for your customers to remember you. Show them that you are a credible "here-to-stay" member of their community by enhancing your commercial property with custom art solutions that reflect your business's mission, product, history or customer service. Hannon Art Works is happy to work with new and existing businesses such as restaurants, retail shops, daycares, spas & salons, fitness centers, schools, hotels, law and medical offices -- especially pediatrician offices. We are open to cooperative arrangements that can benefit both the business owner and the future growth of Hannon Art Works . Please call and speak with Christine to discuss your specific needs at 401.447.4906.

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Providence Media Corporate Office

Commissioned to create a large scale art installation for the print media group's conference room,
this solution highlights the letters that spell the company's name in CMYK colors,
using their font style, and arranging them in a keyboard format.
Pawtucket, Rhode Island
December 2011

Canyon Ridge Elementary School

The school's mascot is a coyote, and portraying its development
through the five stages was the request for this class gift.
San Antonio, Texas
April 2011

Barrington Books

The toy section of a locally owned book store was transformed to a children's woodland hideaway.
 The back door became a focal point and the centerpiece of the store was the "tree bench display,"
designed and painted by Hannon Art Works and built by master carpenter George Cote of Fall River.
 Display cases were hand lettered and decorated to complete the room.
Barrington, Rhode Island
April 2010

Harry's Burger Bar

A great place to get gourmet sliders and a choice of dozens of craft beers,
Harry's needed a big impact wall solution to make the most of small quarters.
The cow spots complement the life size cow outside the front door.
Providence, Rhode Island
March 2010

10 Steak and Sushi

Commissioned to create an octopus inspired abstract series for the restaurant.
Providence, Rhode Island
December 2010

Battleship Cove

Women Protecting the U.S. is a new exhibit on the U.S.S. Massachusetts.
Faux rusted steel walls, a faux brick chimney, an ocean view from a
S.P.A.R.S. lighthouse exhibit, a small mural of the Chatham lighthouse
and the restoration of an original "Fire Plug" sign
were all included in this one week project.
Fall River, Massachusetts
April 2009

St. Teresa's School Cafeteria

Pawtucket, Rhode Island
October 2007

Pilates Studio

Scituate, Rhode Island
February 2008

Little Elegance Sidewalk

As part of the Main Street Revitalization in East Greenwich,
Rhode Island, this sidewalk was designed to help drive traffic into a
fashion accessories shop. Latex epoxies were used to ensurethis street
mural will be underfoot and looking good for a long time.
East Greenwich, Rhode Island
May 2006

St. Philip Church Christmas Banner

This pair of 10 foot long angels was created for the parish's 2005 Christmas Mass.
Greenville, Rhode Island
December 2005

St. Philip School Foyer

Created to be a backdrop for a bronze donor plaque, this wall needed
to have an evening sky for the plaque's stars to be added.
Greenville, Rhode Island
December 2005

Children's Chapel

St. Philip Parish, Greenville, Rhode Island
September 2005

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