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Let us use your tile designs, china pattern or drapery fabric to create a dramatic custom focal point or a subtle decorative border in your kitchen. Hannon Art Works takes great care in incorporating your kitchen's fixed palette of flooring, countertops and cabinet colors into our designs to make your new investment blend beautifully.

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Golden Fruit Sink Front

Portsmouth, Rhode Island
February 2012

Monogram Stove Hood

A waterfront home is personalized with this added touch.
Narragansett, Rhode Island
September 2011

Italian Scenes on Tile

Painted with air dry enamels and then triple clear coated for increased durability,
these hand painted murals are the focal points of the client's new kitchen.
Cumberland, Rhode Island
July 2010

A French Country Backsplash

Designed with motifs from the fabric of the client's dining room,
this backsplash is clear coated for cleaning durability.
Tiverton, Rhode Island
January 2010

Vintage Rooster Tile Backsplash

Painted with air dry enamels and triple clear coated for added durability,
these tiles were installed after painting.
Hartford, Connecticut
July 2009

Old World Fresco Mural on Sandstone

Narragansett, Rhode Island
June 2008

Grisaille Stove Hood on Sandstone

Narragansett, Rhode Island
June 2008

Della Robbia Swag on Venetian Plastered Stove Hood

East Greenwich, Rhode Island
November 2008

Still Life on Apron Sink

Painted with enamels and clear coated for durability, this sink front
was designed to blend with the tile and granite surroundings.
Portsmouth, Rhode Island
May 2008

An English Arbor

Traditional botanical illustration techniques were used
to create this sweet kitchen in Milford, Massachusetts.
July 2004

Olive Branch Still Life

To complement the Tuscan pottery in this client's home, the nook
was painted to make some items appear as if they were placed
above the oven. The walls were finished in a rag rolled technique
above the chair rail with varied width stripes below it.
East Greenwich, Rhode Island
June 2005


Apples and grapes seemed too common for this client, so pomegranates
inspired a sepia-toned border and color accents on the backsplash.
Barrington, Rhode Island
January 2004

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