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Your family room is an area for fun and entertaining of your family and friends. Hannon Art Works can enhance your space with a mural of your favorite destination, hobby or a historical or personal moment. Whatever your taste and budget decides, we welcome commissions large and small and look forward to enriching your home soon.

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Wine Tasting Room

A new addition of a wine cellar lower level and tasting room on the upper level allowed
for this European street scene.  Even the door was incorporated into the design.
Franklin, Massachusetts
November 2010

Egyptian Home Theater

A theme room that would make Disney proud, this talented client created
a 3D Egyptian tomb, and I painted the "view" from the inside.
Tiverton, Rhode Island
October 2010

Critters on the Sunporch

A one day project which invited the outside in.
Johnston, Rhode Island
August 2010

The Boathouse

Vintage sailboat and scenes of Narragansett Bay grace this
family room which opens to the pool area.
Edgewood, Rhode Island
June 2008

Game Room by the Sea

A lower level game room is larger than life with
graphic images of 1930's coastal travel posters.
Falmouth, Massachusetts
March 2008

The Cottage Garden

A scene of a garden path in the Irish countryside was framed with a faux
post and beam doorway. This mural took 9 days to complete due to the complex
composition, the details in the flowers and thatched roofs, and to create the
accurate perspective from two viewpoints, especially on the beams. A close look
will reveal a dog portrait of "Simba" the client's dog, hidden in the garden.
This mural is 18 feet long and connects the original home to a large, new addition.
Our 3 color glazed finish was created to give the room a warm, Irish pub-like feel.
Cranston, Rhode Island
February 2006

Rusty Wallace's Last Call

Always wanting to create a NASCAR mural, this one was commissioned
for a lower level pool room. The track wall color matches the pool table's felt.
Below the 13 foot mural will be a bench, and on the right hand side
of the mural will be shelves with Rusty Wallace collectibles.
South Kingstown, Rhode Island
August 2006

Greeted by Springtime

The entryway of this townhouse needed some visual interest, yet there was
very little wall space to paint. The client did not want a full mural or scene,
so an oversized flower & bulb, painted right onto the ceiling, molding and doors
was recommended. Although large, the flower still maintains its gracefulness
and impresses those who come through the front door.
West Warwick, Rhode Island
March 2006

A Corner Palm

A simple addition made this Floridian vacation home even more festive.
Naples, Florida
January 2006

Window View of the Narragansett Towers

Designed to fill an awkward space above the French doors, this project's
palette incorporated the warm colors of the clients' décor. Look closely, as the
wood framing around the mural is painted in the "trompe l'oeil" technique,
meaning that it is a painted illusion of a wood molding frame.
South Kingstown, Rhode Island
January 2006

Sandstone Brook Corner Nook

Color coordination was key as the client used strong mustards, ambers and
burgundy in this open layout condo. The scene was developed after the client
purchased 2 large crane sculptures and wanted a setting in which to place them.
West Warwick, Rhode Island
September 2005

Tropical Sunroom

The 15 foot eave posed an interesting compositional challenge;
but fortunately palm trees in the tropics stretch out over the water.
The vase of banana palm leaves and a bird-of-paradise created visual impact
in a tight doorway area. The walls were stenciled and then glazed
to finish this room in Pawtuxet, Rhode Island.
July 2005

Sharks on a Coral Reef

A 7x11 foot playroom mural in Dartmouth, Massachusetts.
April 2004

I Love Lucy, Too!

A collector's room for Lucy memorabilia in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.
April 2005

Nantucket Harbor

Created for a basement family room, we included the client's
dream yacht, and the names of his family members and businesses
were painted on the buildings' signage.
Greenville, Rhode Island
June 2004

Pt. Judith Lighthouse

The finished basement walls of this Warwick, Rhode Island home
were transformed to a day at the beach. Sand dunes and a light blue
horizon of ocean kept the room bright and airy.
December 2003

The Map Room

Full Room Mural

Corner of Wall

Compass Rose

Here Be Serpents

Greenville, Rhode Island
April 2004

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