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Hannon Art Works can incorporate your china pattern, an heirloom's historic motifs or the rich palette of an oriental rug when creating a dramatic environment to enjoy meals with your family and friends. Elegant and appetizing, our designs will be a co-operative effort to capture the ambience you desire. Faux windows with impressive views, ancient architectural elements or fantastic natural settings could surround your guests for meals they will not soon forget.

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Bay of Naples, Circa 1760

The dining room of a 1760's farmhouse was the canvas for a vintage
pastoral scene. Since the clients have traveled to Naples many times,
we blended their personal memories with an era appropriate mural.
Lincoln, Rhode Island
June 2009

Trompe l'Oeil Wine Room

Designed to fit an asymmetrical corner of an oak racked wine room,
this vineyard scene is surrounded by a marble ledge, wine bottle
with glasses, wood overhang and oak columns, edges
and secret door which are all painted, too.
Newport, Rhode Island
May 2007

A Tuscan Vineyard

This vineyard scene was nestled within a faux stone archway on walls glazed
in three colors. The project took two days for the glazed walls throughout the
room and hallway, and six days for the mural due to the extensive detail. The best
part of this assignment was the challenge of painting the wine glasses and bottle
holding a transparent white wine, versus the more commonly painted red wines.
Reflections, shadow and color were very important to convey their realism.
Pawtuxet, Rhode Island
January 2006

In The Birch Woods

A rustic home in Sterling, Connecticut was
enhanced with this mural on one wall.
October 2005

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