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Using only non-toxic, durable, waterbase paints, Hannon Art Works can create images that grow with your child. Stimulating the visual senses with creativity and imagination, color is used to complement the home's existing palette. Nurseries can be designed to incorporate bedding motifs or favorite storybook characters. As parents, coaches and educators, the Hannons have unique insight to a child's world and will develop concepts relative to their age-appropriate social or academic interests.

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Mermaid Grotto

A third floor hallway landing became a grandchild's undersea hideaway.
 Portraits of the client's grandchildren are painted on the pirate coins.
Newport, Rhode Island
October 2011

Surfer Girl Teen Room

A poster graphic style was chosen to make a big splash in this room.
Middletown, Rhode Island
July 2011

Fairies in the Garden

Created with A Wish Come True, Inc. for a darling three year old, this project was
painted on several canvases to allow for transport when necessary.
East Greenwich, Rhode Island
June 2011

Jungle Sports Nursery

Using the baby's new bedding patterns, mural vignettes were
spaced around the room for a high impact yet affordable project.
East Greenwich, Rhode Island
January 2011

A Princess Playroom

The newly finished basement included a cartoon styled play area
for two lovely princesses in the home.
Wellesley, Massachusetts
December 2010

A Modern Nursery

Painted to match the baby's bedding, very simple animal shapes
were painted in a large scale for a very chic look.
East Greenwich, Rhode Island
November 2010

Fairy Name Banner

Not all projects are large.  This one day nursery name banner
included 22k gold leaf and original character designs.
Saunderstown, Rhode Island
October 2010

Enchanted Nursery

Fairies and an elf, which included portraits of the new baby's siblings,
helped to brighten up the new nursery.
Greenville Rhode Island
November 2009

Old Glory

This vintage flag was the solution for an odd shaped wall in a teen's new bedroom.
Newton, Massachusetts
September 2011

The Jungle Room

A lower level jungle playroom was created with faux painted
bamboo trim and doors, a scene out of Kipling's Indian jungle,
and a painted tile ceiling to appear as a thatched roof.
The bookshelves were also painted faux bamboo
and a lion relaxes upon them.
North Attleboro, Massachusetts
February 2009

A Princess and Her Castle

Pink and purple are this princess' favorite colors. Her portrait graces
the horse-riding princess and above each door are royal motifs to create
a theme room experience. Sparkle paint was used to make her gown magical.
East Greenwich, Rhode Island
April 2009

Snakes and Reptiles

Created for the "Wish Come True" organization, this room, bordered with
four snakes and four reptiles, was the wish for Christopher. He is surviving
Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and was a joy to work with on this project.
Coventry, Rhode Island
April 2009

A View from the Stable

A favorite horse now shares this little girl's bedroom.
All items shown are painted in the "trompe l'oeil" style.
Greenville, Rhode Island
June 2008

Farmyard Nursery

The crib bedding was the inspiration for this cheerful nursery.
Norwood, Massachusetts
March 2008

The Union Pacific Rolls In

A moving Lionel train borders the top of this 7 year old's bedroom
and real lights, which dim to night lights, were installed by the client
for the mural. The train number is the boy's birthday.
Warwick, Rhode Island
July 2007

Fairy Princess Dreamland

Created for A Wish Come True, Inc., this bedroom was the wish
of an 11 year old girl with Muscular Dystrophy. Crystals, glitter paint
and a portrait of the girl as a fairy helped to make this room magical.
Attleboro, Massachusetts
July 2007

A Field of Dreams

A family's Red Sox/Yankees rivalry became their boys' bedroom
and playroom with a sports-themed stadium. A mural with Ted Williams at bat,
Yogi Berra catching, Babe Ruth pitching and Derek Jeter at second base.
The billboards are of favorite brands and imaginary businesses that include
the family members' names and interests. On the other walls in the room,
their favorite team logos were created larger than life.
Greenville, Rhode Island
May 2006

Rainforest Nursery

Designed for a family in Atlanta, this nursery will grow with their new son,
whether his interests are dinosaurs, animals or archeology.
Atlanta, Georgia
April 2006

Surf's Up

Created for A Wish Come True, Inc., this bedroom for twin boys,
one with several life threatening illnesses, included their names
on the surf wagon and bi-plane.
Johnston, Rhode Island
November 2007

Under The Sea

Our first full room mural in Greenville, Rhode Island
is still one of our favorites.
Fall 1994

The African Grasslands

Designed to be a room the client's son could grow up with, animals
were chosen carefully so they would not appear too juvenile later.
Lincoln, Rhode Island
October 2004


Translucent and metallic glazes created a "sweet" room for tyhis
soon-to-be high school student in Cumberland, Rhode Island.
October 2004

Hello Sunshine, Goodnight Moon

An attic nursery in Providence, Rhode Island.
October 2004

Parisian Street Bedroom/Playroom at Grandma's

With the closet and exit doors incorporated into this mural, every inch
encourages make believe play. The client's granddaughters were even
characterized into the mural. Glitter paint dresses up the dress shop, durable
chalkboard paint covers the table tops and menu board, and glow-in-the-dark
paint glows throughout the room and puts the girls' names in lights.
Cranston, Rhode Island
April 2005

Dinosaur Friends

Custom designed characters for a 3 year old's
"big boy room" in Montpelier, Vermont.
March 2005

The Secret Garden

Portraying the client's daughter on a swing and incorporating an
existing wall light into the mural were part of the fun in designing
this inviting mural in North Providence, Rhode Island.
August 2005

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