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Ceilings and Floors

Floors and ceilings are excellent surfaces to make an artistic statement. Hannon Art Works uses the most durable products for long lasting floor decoration. Ceilings, especially in bedrooms, can be open to the sky, or decorated with metallic sheens, stenciled patterns and old world mural reproductions.

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Cherub Foyer Ceiling

Using the cherubs of the Dresden Opera House as inspiration,
this eight by twelve foot ceiling was painted at a height of twenty five feet.
North Kingstown, Rhode Island
May 2010

Painted Floral Floor Border

Newport, Rhode Island
April 2009

Gilded Ceiling with Plaster Frieze

The detailed plaster relief was original to this Italianate Revival home
but had been painted white. Gold leaf and several layers of aging glazes
brought the ceiling back to its former glory.
Providence, Rhode Island
September 2008

Cloud Medallion

Narragansett, Rhode Island
May 2008

Faux Stained Glass Skylight

An attic hatch is beautifully disguised with this faux skylight.
The ceiling's surface was an aged copper patina finish.
Narragansett, Rhode Island
May 2008

Ceiling Medallion

Using the velvet and silk draperies as inspiration,
this pattern includes dot trim of metallic gold.
Barrington, Rhode Island
January 2008

Cobblestone Concrete Floor

This finished basement was in need of a durable floor that would be wet
on a regular basis due to enjoying the lake behind the home. Tile was too slippery
and carpet would get moldy, so painting and clearcoating
the existing concrete was the perfect solution.
Burrillville, Rhode Island
January 2007

Tray Ceiling Vine Design

Designed from the drapery fabric shown above, this wrapping vine
included a lavender ribbon to coordinate with an antique rug.
South Kingstown, Rhode Island
October 2007

Cloud Vaulted Ceiling

For this teen's high-peaked vaulted ceiling, twilight clouds with glow-in-the-dark
painted stars and moon lifted the roof right off her room.
Saunderstown, Rhode Island
March 2006

Tray Ceiling Calligraphy & Floral Motifs

The quote "Be who you are and say what you feel because
those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind"
by Dr. Seuss was designed to coordinate with custom draperies in a
model home at "The Preserve" in South Kingstown, Rhode Island.
September 2005

Historical Floor Marbling

In this 1805 home only a turkey feather and a rag were used on the plain gray floor
to create a historically accurate reproduction of the original surface. Christine was
honored when the home was granted the 2006 RI State Preservation Award
for an outstanding commitment to historic preservation.
Glocester, Rhode Island
June 2005

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