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  For the last view you see at night and the first view you see in the morning, let Hannon Art Works create a calming and beautiful space. Rich textural finishes or decorative borders are created to best blend with bedding and furniture styles. Murals can enlarge a room or provide illusion of architectural interest.

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At The Beach

This guest room was transformed to a day at the beach which included
personal touches such as their family's sailboat and "Visit Wind Shadows,"
the name of the summer estate on the plane banner.
Newport, Rhode Island
May 2007

A View from the Villa

Cranston, Rhode Island
August 2007

The Beach House



Owners of this Cape Cod beach house will enjoy the
low maintenance of this shell collection and beach rose window.
Falmouth, Massachusetts
November 2006

Guest Room By The Sea

Grisaille is painting in shades of gray. Shadows are painted
realistically to create a three dimensional illusion.
Falmouth, Massachusetts
November 2006

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